Top ERP Trends Impacting Businesses
9 August, 2021 by
Top ERP Trends Impacting Businesses
Ese Nikori

Top ERP Trends

The last few years have seen a dramatic change in the ERP landscape, both in terms of software and technology and customer preferences. Many businesses are moving towards cloud-based ERP systems for support because they are easier to deploy, maintain and update. Features such as big data/ advanced analytics, security features, and artificial intelligence are a few ERP trends that will continue to impact the way businesses operate for years to come. 

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a core platform for businesses today. The ERP tool is an integrated system that assists companies in planning, controlling and examining their business processes.

ERP software helps a company track its sales, finances, inventory and manufacturing. Click here to read about digital transformation with Odoo 

Top ERP Trends: What to expect in the ERP space?

The market of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is continually changing and evolving. It is important to stay abreast with these trends to know how the market is evolving.

Cloud ERP systems adoption is on the increase by companies around the world.

There are several ERP trends expected to impact business operations for the next few years. From cloud and big data to mobility and social collaboration, these trends offer new opportunities for businesses and employees alike.

One thing is definite. The competition for ERP software will continue to increase, and the usability of systems will continue to improve. Companies that have a streamlined experience will remain ahead of their competitors.

 We have outlined five major ERPs trends with the potential to be game-changers in the world of ERP. This article will explain how the trends can affect your business and what you need to do to capitalise on them.

Top ERP Trends Impacting Businesses

  • Big Data / Advanced Analytics

Data quality and improved analysis has emerged as a key output for most ERP implementations. It plays a crucial role in shaping the future of ERP developments.

Businesses and organisations now use advanced analytics tools to collect business intelligence data like customer spending behaviour information, service pattern and competitive trend. Thanks to the use of application of statistical models and algorithms. Most major business decisions can become data-driven processes with the help of this feature.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics capabilities will dominate the growth of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions in the coming decade. 

  • More accessible security features

Security is a crucial focus for ERP vendors in recent years and many new technology solutions get implemented to protect businesses' confidential data. 

In the coming years, we'll see security features becoming increasingly easier to use and well-integrated into the products. It'll be easier for customers to use products securely. It's already happening in some ERP systems like Odoo. Click here to see the features of the latest Odoo software. This aspect around internet security will continue to advance to facilitate a securely performing digital economy overall.

  • Greater Flexibility and User experience improvement

Another trend is improved user experience and customer responsiveness. As the business world revolves around technology, it is necessary to stay flexible because of new developments. 

Business owners choose Odoo because it is User friendly, Flexible and easy to adapt to suit your business with a class leading low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for the lifetime of the Capex, according to the needs of the enterprise and its industry.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) makes adapting to changing business processes easy. Many point out that AI is already present in ERP systems; what they mean by this is that AI unconsciously supports the demand for faster transaction processing and better decision making. However, it would be more dominant in the future.

Odoo has an AI engine that enables the first stage of processing of bills direct from a pdf document  into the system.


  • Mobile-based access will grow

The smartphone is more versatile than ever as the device of choice for business applications. The top ERP trends point to a reliance on mobile-based business apps in the coming years. Employers will demand 24/7 access to workers, and employees will need to streamline processes with a multi-device approach. 

A good example is the Odoo ERP which allows employees to access their ERP solution from any device – including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Click here to learn more about the fundamentals of ERP. 

Final Takeaway 

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Top ERP Trends Impacting Businesses
Ese Nikori
9 August, 2021
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