CEO's where on the Evolutionary Scale does your Company Sit?
30 July, 2022 by
CEO's where on the Evolutionary Scale does your Company Sit?
Ese Nikori

Curbing Digital Disruption with ERP

Startup, SME, or large enterprises

Most companies evolve with the use of systems and tend to grow organically at the beginning to ensure that the business model is sound.

Spreadsheet and Accounting packages tend to be the first systems a business uses, regardless of if you are bootstrapped, Angel or VC funded at some point you need to ensure your system(s) evolve to address your business needs.

The multitude of operational and administrative functions mount up very quickly and the business becomes overwhelmed with bureaucracy and the inability to be more productive within a short time as the employee count grows.
  • Sales, Messaging, CRM, HR, Procurement, Inventory, Social media etc
Many companies today still discount the use of an ERP to drive productivity gains due to their inability and reluctance to employ these systems usually down to price, complexity and lack of knowledge around these systems.

Stay relevant or suffer the consequences in the long term, fluidity and speed to execution is a core of most businesses' strategy and this is much harder to perform without an ERP system as the backbone of your operations.

Digital disruption of all industries is in full swing and the ERP market is not immune to this. is a disruptive ERP vendor that addresses the reluctance clients have today with going down the route of employing expensive overblown systems that cost an arm and a leg to implement and maintain.

Curbing digital disruption with erp: The Bottomline

Odoo grows with your company at a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, SAGE X3, Infor and gives you a user-friendly interface for all departmental functions and is an acknowledged leader in the ERP world by Gartner.

For straightforward pricing go to  to start your digitisation journey.

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CEO's where on the Evolutionary Scale does your Company Sit?
Ese Nikori
30 July, 2022
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