KPMG Belgium Chose Odoo Erp as their Business Solution
18 June, 2022 by
KPMG Belgium Chose Odoo Erp as their Business Solution
Ese Nikori

KPMG Chooses Odoo

In this digital age, we hear a lot about the word "disruptor". From start-up businesses to established giants, everyone is trying to find a way to grab market share and disrupt their competitors.

KPMG (one of the big four Accounting firms in the world) is known for its very well-thought out strategy to deal with digital disruption and its ability to break down silos between departments and workflows across business units. 

The announcement by KPMG Belgium choosing Odoo as their ERP system is a watershed moment that will change the landscape of the Big four firms who have ERP implementation services as a cornerstone of their growth over the last 30 years forever!

In this case, KPMG chose Odoo because it was able to integrate all aspects of its business seamlessly into one single platform. This would help them save money on maintenance costs, reduce complexity and make it easier for employees to access information at any given point in time.

Odoo is a young company but has been growing exponentially since its inception in 2005. This announcement is testament to its hard work, dedication and commitment to excellence which will now be applied to the needs of KPMG Belgium.

The future of Real time Accounting is here

About KPMG

KPMG is a multinational professional services firm based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, with a network of firms in 147 countries and over 219,000 staff and partners. The firms offer audit, tax and advisory services and also provide technology solutions to their clients.


It’s safe to say that KPMG Belgium has disrupted their own industry by choosing Odoo for its ERP system.

KPMG Belgium will use Odoo ERP to enable its people to work efficiently while providing the highest level of service possible to their clients

KPMG Belgium Chose Odoo Erp as their Business Solution
Ese Nikori
18 June, 2022
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