Annual Business Plan: A Comprehensive Guide
30 December, 2021 by
Annual Business Plan: A Comprehensive Guide
Ese Nikori

Annual Business Plan

Engaging in annual business planning is a challenge for all businesses. This is because there are many factors that come into play. It is not just as simple as deciding your budget for the year, you have to take several other important things into consideration. 

Annual Business Planning has always been a difficult task for businesses as there are many facts and figures to be considered. However, using effective software can solve all these problems. All that is needed is some guidance and choosing the right platform.

Now let’s see in detail the annual planning process and the functions of Odoo ERP to make it easy to execute. If you take advantage of the Odoo ERP platform, you can improve your annual planning process.

What Is An Annual Business Plan?

Annual Business Plan

Annual planning is the process through which a company allocates resources to projects and takes into account the goals of the budget set forth. It is a broad means to identify strategic goals and business performance improvement. In principle, it involves estimating revenue, expenses, earnings and cash flow projections over a period of time. Those projections are then compared with budgets from past years to determine trends in business performance over time.

A yearly plan is a way to provide direction for your company. It helps you set goals, reach milestones, and remove the guesswork out of your business. A solid business plan helps you avoid uncertainty by providing a blueprint for the next year of your business. The time you invest in planning will help you grow your business and avoid costly mistakes.

An annual business plan is the most important part of a business year. This will allow you to set targets and prepare strategic actions to reach those targets. Most of us plan our businesses on excel sheets. But the fact is that you cannot know how your business will perform unless you have structured data which a good ERP can provide. This information is crucial if you want to know the areas in which you are excelling and where you should be looking to improve.

Why Is Annual Planning Important?

Preparing An Annual Business Plan

As the new year rolls by, people often make resolutions of things they want to improve on in the coming months. One resolution that is often made for organisations is to begin an annual planning process. Of course, many organisations do this every year; however, there are plenty out there who still don’t know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it. If you want your organisation to benefit from a successful planning process, it will be important to understand why annual planning is so important.

  • As a business owner, it is important to review your business plan each year. An annual business plan will help achieve your short and long-term goals. 

  • If you know what you’re working towards and have the proper tools, deadlines, and resources, you can be more efficient in achieving your goals.

  • It gives you time to think about what you want to do

  • It’s a way to prioritise your projects

  • It’s a chance for everyone on the team to give their input.

Preparing An Annual Business Plan With The Odoo System 

The Odoo system has a lot of modules that are created for business planning.

Preparing an annual plan for your company or the activities that belong to it can be quite time consuming and complicated. To make your job easier, Odoo provides you with a standard accounting module, which lets you manage your financial planning in an easy and fundamental way.

For example, annual financial reports are used to set up the financial plan. It shows the current state of your organisation’s finances. This report will include your revenue and expenses and would determine the spending pattern through the year.

  • Plan your revenue and income streams using the CRM and sales features

  • Record your financial position in real time across your financial statement

  • Measure the business revenue and expense streams using analytical accounts

  • Plan and execute your budgets using the Budget Management module.


An annual business plan is your roadmap for the year ahead. It enables you to take stock of the past, assess your strengths and weaknesses and aims to make sure you hit your targets or even exceed them.

When you do it right, an annual business plan can give you a clear picture of what needs to happen so that you can achieve your goals.

The Odoo system enables you to carry out your annual business plan by using standard modules and predefined, well arranged Odoo settings.

Begin your easy business journey now.

Annual Business Plan: A Comprehensive Guide
Ese Nikori
30 December, 2021
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