Odoo Nigeria: Odoo Partners In Nigeria
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Odoo Nigeria: Odoo Partners In Nigeria
Ese Nikori

Odoo Nigeria 

Odoo and their partners in Nigeria have been working tirelessly to spread the powers of business technology to more people in Nigeria.

In the digital age, the importance of a cutting-edge platform cannot be overstated. You will find that out firsthand from experience. Worried about a number of factors, most companies strike a balance between cutting edge technology and cost-effectiveness. But when you want to run a business smoothly online, efficiency becomes paramount.

That’s why we believe in the power of creating a simple, efficient solution to help your business grow online.

When you choose Odoo, you are choosing a level of simplicity that will put your mind at ease. You will experience the power of a secure online platform, built with the future in mind.

About Odoo Nigeria

Odoo has a strong network of support that covers Europe, America, Africa and other parts of the globe.

Odoo Nigeria is one of the leading communities of Odoo. It has a team of talented and hard-working professionals who collectively strive to provide excellent services to business organisations across many industries here in Nigeria.

Odoo Partners are vital to the success of Odoo. Partners in Nigeria are the link between Odoo and Odoo customers in Nigeria. They are the ones who ensure that Odoo products are available to all customers.

About Odoo Partners In Nigeria

Odoo partners in Nigeria are authorised consulting companies that implement and support Odoo solutions for customers. They provide consulting and implementation services to hundreds of customers throughout Nigeria and Africa.

Odoo partners are recognised for helping customers achieve business goals by providing exceptional support, expertise, personalisation and training.  

Odoo Nigeria How Odoo Grades Partners

Odoo partners are grouped under three categories depending on their experience and commitment.

  • Gold Partners

The certificate of a Gold-level Odoo Partner identifies a company with real commitment. Gold Partners offer a unique value proposition to customers, with both an in-depth competence in Odoo ERP deployments and expertise in undertaking a digital transformation with an ERP centric approach for clients.

The Odoo Gold partners are the ERP deployment experts, system integrators and professional services companies that have met the highest requirements for successful high-quality project deployments functionally and technically.

While one of the many qualities that make Odoo special is the focus on customer satisfaction, Gold Partners are fully focused on delivering a quality service to clients and assisting companies for the long term as they evolve to maximise the platform.

Gold Partners are required to have at least 3 consultants qualified on the most current versions of Odoo. This certification is awarded by Odoo once the consultants have completed the certification examination and is a clear differentiator to ensure clients are guaranteed the right advice and solutions on the platform.

Gold partners display the highest retention rates with existing clients.

  • Silver Partners

Odoo Silver Partners are the number two partners after Gold Partners. They are also very important for Odoo. This is because they are authorised to train Odoo users in their country, to take over the technical maintenance, and to sell services on-demand to their customers. They also get prominent placement on the Partner page on odoo.com.

Customer Retention rate is required but at a lower level. The Customer Retention Rate is an indicator of how committed the partners services are to continuously offer the right level of support to companies functionally and technically as they evolve and grow with new business requirements.

Number of certifications required are 2 consultants to be certified on the most recent versions of Odoo

  • Ready Partners

Ready Odoo partners are partners that already have satisfactory experience in Odoo. They are certified in the software and with a clear vision of how to work with Odoo. Ready partners are selected by Odoo, analyzing the experience of each one.

Customer Retention rate is required but at a lower level

Number of certifications required is 1 consultant to be certified on the most recent versions of Odoo.

Odoo Gold Partner Status In Nigeria

Odoo ranks its partners in three categories; Gold, Silver and Ready partners.

The Odoo Gold Partner status In Nigeria is the highest award that can be given to a partner for their efforts and achievements in leading and guiding business change and growth through effective implementation of business solutions via Odoo.

Odoo Gold partner status is awarded to consultants that have been certified on the most current versions of Odoo and highest retention rates with existing clients.

These partners are recognised for their commitment to providing a global standard of customer service, the successful implementation of the Odoo project, and for having a clear business strategy that promotes growth and reinforces an image as a leader in their given industry.

ErpSOFTapp Odoo Nigeria Partner
Odoo Partners In Nigeria

As a Gold Partner, erpSOFTapp has over 20 years of experience in business and systems implementations with a focus on ERP projects.

erpSOFTapp offers a full range of Odoo implementation services. 

The company's Gold partner status ensures that your implementation project is led by Odoo certified professionals.

Our team of highly experienced staff will partner with your organisation to deliver a solution that fits both the business and technology requirements.

As a Gold Partner, we make sure every project we undertake becomes a success and we want you to succeed. We push the limits and give you more leverage in running your business.

Getting Started 
Odoo Partners In Nigeria

Get the most out of your ERP with Odoo consultants from erpSOFTapp.

Odoo integrates small and large enterprises. It offers fully integrated modules to manage Sales, Accounting, Warehouse, Distribution, Projects, HR, CRM, eCommerce and other functionalities.

erpSOFTapp Odoo consultants can help you quickly and easily get started with Odoo. We help you design and implement a cost-effective business process solution with Odoo.

Learn more about Odoo, a software company that helps people run their business easier and make better use of their data.

Stay ahead of the competition and keep up with your growing business. Contact us today!

Odoo Nigeria: Odoo Partners In Nigeria
Ese Nikori
17 December, 2021
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