A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Odoo Consultant
13 January, 2022 by
A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Odoo Consultant
Ese Nikori

Choosing The Best Odoo Consultants

Choosing the best Odoo consultant can sometimes be a difficult process. In order to ensure that you choose the right company, it is important to understand what to look for in a consulting company. This will ensure that every stage of your project is met with success, and that you have all your requirements met.

With so many options and no clear guidelines, how do you ensure that you're choosing the best Odoo consultant for your business? That's why I’ve put together this article to help you choose the right Odoo implementation partner.

But first, let’s start with some basics.

What Is An Odoo Consultant?

Odoo is a suite of business software that, depending on the package, can do just about anything. Since it has so many capabilities, it can be quite complex to ensure its correctly implemented.

As a result of this complexity, businesses need help installing, configuring and customising it to their needs. This is where Odoo consulting companies come in.

Odoo consultants thrive on the challenges of implementing, configuring and supporting Odoo for their clients. 

When you hire a good Odoo consultant, you are hiring a team focused on your needs and a company that has experience in this field for many years.

Role Of Odoo Consulting Service companies

The role of Odoo consultants is to assist companies in all stages of the implementation process in terms of business requirements definition, software configuration, data migration, user training and support.

A good Odoo consulting firm can help you get your ERP up and running as quickly as possible by providing expert configuration and implementation assistance.

The main aim of Odoo consulting service firms is to ensure you maximise the features of the ERP, ensure the ease of useability within your organisation and implement your controls and procedures in the software. The goal is to make sure that the application performs more efficiently and delivers high quality end results to your business.

Odoo Consultants: Necessary Skills They Must Possess

Choosing The Best Odoo Consultants

When selecting an Odoo consulting firm to help navigate the confusing waters of an ERP implementation, it’s important to look for an Odoo Partner who can offer a wide range of services.

The best way to choose an Odoo partner is to take a look at their experience by looking at the customers they have  already worked with. Additionally, look out for some necessary basic skills.

The top 5 skills an Odoo consultant must have are;

1. Great communication skills

Great communication skills is one of the most important skills you should have as an Odoo ERP Consultant. Communication is how people get all their information and you need to be able to communicate to your potential customers in an effective manner, whether it's physically, on email, chat or phone.

2. Good knowledge of Odoo functionalities

Odoo is an open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with various modules. To be able to choose the best consulting firm, it is important to look at the client list of implementations that have been delivered across the various industry sectors.

The best Odoo consultants are the gold partners certified in the most recent versions of Odoo. This is because their team is always improving with certifications on recent versions of Odoo and have a deep knowledge and experience gained with corporate clients. 

3. Perfect organisation

The perfect organisation is a combination of a very efficient team, brilliant products and services. The best partners can help you out in finding and choosing the correct modules for your specific business needs.

4. Business oriented mindset

Look for an Odoo consultant like erpSOFTapp that is committed and fully focused on delivering a quality service to clients and assisting companies for the long term.

5. Search for the better, effective and faster way

With the best Odoo ERP partner, you can fast-track your business and stand out from the crowd. Look out for how well they are able to carry out smooth and easy implementations for other clients.

Get The Best Odoo Consulting Service With Odoo Gold Partner 

Our Odoo partners help you to choose the best version of Odoo and guide you through your implementation process. We organise training sessions and customise the configuration of Odoo to fit your business needs. 

erpSOFTapp is an Odoo Gold Partner In Africa, we help you to deliver your digital transformation project in Odoo ERP, optimise and improve it.

Odoo is not just about software. It is a complete business automation solution for small and large businesses across the world, leveraging the power of Open Source technology.

Contact us now for an EPIC Odoo Implementation!

Odoo Consultants: FAQS 

Why should I use an Odoo Consulting company?

The short answer is, even though Odoo is good and may have a lot to offer you, you’re going to need some help if you’re going to make the most of it for your business. 

Across all your various departments you need to have experts in each area of the business that understand the core process required across the areas below to make a success of a project and you cannot find all these skill sets in one individual at the required level of expertise.

  • Finance

  • Warehousing and Inventory

  • Procurement and Sales

  • Project Management

  • Data conversions

  • Controls and processes

  • Security 

  • Technical Services

How can I find the Best Odoo Consultants?

The key to finding the best Odoo consultants is to look out for the ones with the skills above. Ultimately, it is important to know that the best Odoo consulting firms are gold partners.


What are the steps to hire an Odoo Consultant?

 When you want to hire an Odoo consulting firm, you must first find out if they have experience with your specific business needs. You might also want to check if they are certified with Odoo in terms of the various versions of the software which shows in-depth product knowledge. 

Why are certified Odoo Consultants better than freelancers?

Freelancers are great, but they aren't "strategic partners" and it's unlikely they can support you throughout your entire business journey due to the “short term” nature of their engagement with you. ERP implementations take a long time to achieve the desired level of results and even when you have gone live that just the beginning of another journey to ensure the system is fully operational in your company.

 Odoo Consulting firms deliver better results because they understand the product and its functionality in detail and have a pool of experts in their respective fields, you should not expect one individual to know how to implement an ERP across all the skill sets required, this is a major risk to take with a program of this magnitude. They also know how to better optimise the performance of Odoo modules like CRM, ERP, HRM, Ecommerce, etc.

How do consulting firms become an Odoo gold partner?

Gold partners are the consulting firms with a proven record of delivering high-quality services to clients implementing ERP systems. 

Gold Partners are required to have at least 3 consultants qualified on the most current versions of Odoo. This certification is awarded by Odoo once the consultants have completed the certification examination and is a clear differentiator to ensure clients are guaranteed the right advice and solutions on the platform.

Gold partners display the highest retention rates with existing clients due to the quality of the services they offer and their depth of various industries and large customers ensures they have wide industry knowledge to guarantee your project is delivered smoothly

What is a silver partner?

The silver membership level is for Partners who have displayed a level of expertise higher than ready partners.

Customer Retention rate is required but at a lower level from Gold Partners. Number of certifications required is 2 consultants to be certified on the most recent versions of Odoo.

What is a ready partner?

The Ready membership level is for Partners who want to kick start their Odoo journey. These partners have several advantages, including access to education, support and special co-selling opportunities. 

Customer Retention rate is required but at a lower level. Number of certifications required is 1 consultant to be certified on the most recent versions of Odoo.

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Odoo Consultant
Ese Nikori
13 January, 2022
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