Project Analyst



erpSOFTapp is looking for a Project Analyst to support the organisation in continuing to deliver high quality service to our clients

erpSOFTapp services include the design, implementation, 24x7 management, and growth of highly available, scalable business systems.

We’re looking for a motivated individual to be our Project Analyst

As a Project Analyst you will have responsibility for upholding project operational performance standards. The holder will support the internal and external audit function for our project implementations, providing an independent assessment of the adequacy of the internal systems and controls, evaluating risk and ensuring compliance across our project delivery services.

The position will design, coordinate and provide administrative direction on all internal controls decisions alongside key business stakeholders to achieve the company objectives across operations

You should be able to communicate on all levels in an open and effective way in each area of the business and should be able to drive people by setting the standard and promoting continual improvement.

Key Accountabilities / Duties:


  • Create, review and maintain documented information & records at various levels, and ensure they are held to support business, legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Support the client delivery team and customer support team to adhere to internal company procedures.

  • Audit and review project performance delivery for each team against a set of metrics to ensure compliance to standards

  • Carry out regular checks to ensure the project departments is adhering to company policy and procedure, make recommendations for improvement and support the business to address and prevent re-occurrence of non-conformance and regulatory breaches

  • Establish training needs and develop a plan to support and deliver requirements across the departmental needs



  • Graduate with proven track record 2+ years experience in project delivery organisations

  •  A degree in a relevant discipline ( Engineering, Sciences) preferably having completed an MSc or additional external professional qualification.

  • Previous experience in a similar environment or role would be advantageous.