What Is Open Source Software?
16 February, 2022 by
What Is Open Source Software?
Ese Nikori

Open Source Software

Over the last decade, open source software (OSS) has become increasingly popular. Even giant software companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Odoo now offer open source software or OSS projects. 

If you’ve ever heard the phrase or frequently see it mentioned online, you probably have questions about what exactly open source software is and why it matters to you. If so, you’re in the right place. 

We’ll cover what open source software is, how it works, and why more companies are using it and deciding to implement it into their everyday operations.

What is Open Source Software?

Open source software, or "OSS" for short, is used to describe a type of computer software whose source code is available for modification or enhancement by anyone. OSS has grown rapidly in popularity among businesses because it is free to use and free to modify.

Put simply, it is software that is easily used, changed, and distributed with little cost. How does Open Source Software work?

Anyone can download, modify and use open source software. It is a model for sharing information through collaboration. Essentially;

1. Open source code can be used and read by anyone

2. Developers working on an open source project normally have access to the full code

3. Individuals or companies are allowed to make changes to the code (but they also have a responsibility to contribute those changes back to the community).

Open Source ERP

Open source ERP is a term that is coined to describe software written in the open source language for enterprise resource planning. 

The idea behind open source ERP is that you have the ability to customise your own particular version of the software with all of your specific business requirements using plugins that other businesses have developed.

If there is one thing to be said between open source software and enterprise resource planning, it’s that open source ERP is the most outstanding of ERP systems. It's an equal parts market disruptor, revolutionary technology, and rising star in the eyes of those who have begun to adopt it. 

ERP is at once a system for automating your business processes for a number of reasons — time efficiency, resource allocation and optimisation, etc. It is an overall way of executing business operations. 

Open source ERP intends to shake things up in the world of enterprise software because it allows small to medium-sized businesses with no dedicated IT resources to tap into the benefits of enterprise-level software.

Why Use Open Source ERP?
Open Source Software

1. One major advantage of open source ERP is that it can be tailored to suit the needs of any company and this makes it very user friendly.

2. Open source ERP Provides free solutions for small and medium business

3. Cloud based so it can be accessed anywhere at any time

4. It requires no licence fees to pay like the traditional software.

5. Data is securely held on the cloud depending on the hosting platforms security features, with disaster recovery and always accessible

Why do People Prefer Using OSS?

1. Has a visible structure: Most open source software have a visible structure that allows you to find things and easily navigate around. Most of the time, each software package is a single file which is called “hosted” software. 

This means that to use the program, you simply need to download it and unpack the files on your computer. The best part is that most open source software packages are compatible, or can easily be made compatible, with each other.


2. Rapid creation, debugging, and development: There are many people who are loyal fans of open source software as it enables rapid creation, debugging and development when compared to proprietary software. 

Open source developers also contribute back to the software that is used. With a history going back over thirty years, open source software has continuously been instrumental in empowering people through strong collaboration and development.

Best Open Source Software 2022

Odoo is an open source business software which is being preferred by many leading companies. Which is why Forbes lists Odoo as one of the best open source CRM in 2022.

It has an advantage over other competitors in that it is easily customisable to fit all business sizes.

Odoo is capable of handling just about any business need imaginable. This means Odoo covers all aspects of your business that you would typically need to use multiple softwares for; like CRM, accounting, inventory management, sales, projects and more.

It is ideal for small companies that want a lot out of their software but don’t have deep pockets. Additionally, it is perfect for large organisations that want multiple products at an affordable price.

Explore the latest innovations by joining one of the largest business suite community, Odoo

What Is Open Source Software?
Ese Nikori
16 February, 2022
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