The Institute of Directors (IoD Nigeria) Joins Our List of Corporate Clients.
23 June, 2021 by
The Institute of Directors (IoD Nigeria) Joins Our List of Corporate Clients.
Ese Nikori

On June 21st, 2021, the Institute of Directors (IoD) Nigeria joined over 50,000 + companies worldwide running on Odoo. IoD Nigeria launched its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, powered by Odoo, at their office in Ikoyi, Lagos.  

The erpSOFTapp Consultants were in charge of implementing the latest Odoo Version (14).

Stakeholders from the institute, eminent guest speakers and men of the press attended the event. The event featured a 30 minutes presentation by our team on the features of Odoo Version 14. Click Here to watch the event.

Significance of the Odoo ERP Launch for the Institute of Directors (IoD Nigeria).

The Odoo software will play a pivotal role in the Institute of Directors as it helps businesses seamlessly connect, collaborate and manage their processes in one single system. 

The Odoo software supports the following functional modules: financial, accounting, sales, marketing analytics, customer management, inventory/warehouse, e-commerce and ERP business solutions. 

This major project was made possible by erpSOFTapp Consulting firm.

The modules implemented by erpSOFTapp are Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Fixed Assets Management and Invoicing.

How Odoo ERP Can Benefit the Institute of Directors (IoD Nigeria) 

Small and large companies are using the Odoo ERP system for their operations and production.

With this system, you have lots of different functionalities which will help your company to manage your business from A-Z.

Let's take a look at some main functionalities.

  1. Intuitive interface for your employees.

  2. 24/7 support.

  3. Single source of truth about your business data.

  4. Control all aspects of the business data and integration. Thus, allowing you to focus on other strategic business areas.

Odoo Platform for Ecommerce, Corporate & Small Businesses 

Odoo is essential for all businesses because it allows entrepreneurs to concentrate more on their core business processes.

Odoo is a flexible and scalable ERP platform that helps businesses including entrepreneurs, start-ups, established companies of all sizes to manage every aspect of their operations.

The Institute of Directors Nigeria chose erpSOFTapp for its ERP project implementation. 

We advise businesses to take advantage of this growth opportunity and integrate your business process for smooth operations.

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The Bottom Line

The new ERP system will bring together the key areas of running IoD Nigeria, providing them with all the tools they need to run their operations smoothly.

The Institute of Directors (IoD Nigeria) Joins Our List of Corporate Clients.
Ese Nikori
23 June, 2021
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