The Biggest ERP Trends That Could Change The Future Of ERP.
5 July, 2021 by
The Biggest ERP Trends That Could Change The Future Of ERP.
Ese Nikori


It is a fact that Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) hold the key to a productive business future. Businesses must implement an ERP system. 

Integrating an Enterprise Resource Planning software into your manufacturing, accounting, sales and even customer relationship operations can reduce costs, optimize the production process, streamline business operations and so on. Click here to read more ways ERP can help your business. 

At the end of 2020, the global ERP software market amasses $41.69 billion, registering a CAGR of 7.2% during the 2014-2020 forecast period.


In Nigeria, there is a steady increase of large, medium and small-scale businesses using ERP platforms. The latest being Sparkle Nigeria, a financial institution that has transformed the way people carry out microfinance banking. Click here to see other businesses on the Odoo ERP platform.

Here are three ERP trends that we believe could change the future of ERP systems for many SMEs:

Artificial intelligence for ERPs

  1. Al-based technology.

Al-based technology evolves, so will Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. For example, AI-based technology can improve the efficiency of manufacturers. Al's ability to provide in-depth data analysis in a matter of seconds will make it easier to make informed decisions faster.  The automatic analysis of shop floor data also helps streamline production by identifying problems or irregularities on the spot.

Demand for ERP

  1. There will be more demand for Enterprise Resource Planning Software. 

We predict that there will be a steady increase for ERPs with a more friendly user interface and intuitive features. ERP systems will become easier to customize and manage. There will demand upgrades and newer additional features as they need to make business processes simpler increases.

Internet of things for ERP


  1.  Enterprise Resource Planning Systems will become more IOT – Enabled. 

IoT is the Internet of Things. IoT will create a connection like never before between core business processes, external data, IoT devices and third-party applications.

For instance, a manufacturing system enabled by IoT can sync your office with your shop floor. Systems like these can also take charge of inventory control, data delivery to the ERP back-end in real-time, real-time inventory updates and cost calculations to keep your numbers accurate.


Odoo ERP is the only ERP platform that provides regular updates to improve the performance of the system. erpSOFTapp will customize Odoo ERP to suit all your business's needs and offers a stable system that can help streamline your business processes. With Odoo ERP, all barriers between sales, supply chain, production and marketing fall away.

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The Biggest ERP Trends That Could Change The Future Of ERP.
Ese Nikori
5 July, 2021
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