7 Misconceptions About Odoo ERP
5 June, 2022 by
7 Misconceptions About Odoo ERP
Ese Nikori

Misconceptions about odoo ERP

Odoo is one of the most popular solutions for small and medium-sized companies. However, seeing how it's relatively young in relation to more prominent players in the field, many business leaders are often unsure about how mature this ERP solution is for their own operations. 

There are numerous misconceptions about Odoo that often prevent businesses from using this exceptional solution effectively. 

This article will shed light on these issues and help you get familiar with the basics of Odoo in a matter of minutes. 7 of these common misconceptions are discussed below.

Many companies are too specialised to use ERP software

A lot of people assume that since many companies are complex they can't evolve to use an ERP system. However, that is completely wrong. Any business with multiple departments can benefit from an ERP like Odoo. 

Most companies are far too complex to be run by one person. It takes a lot of planning and strategic thinking before you can successfully operate a business on a day-to-day basis. If there is one word that perfectly describes this, it is "organisation". Creating organisation in your business can save you a lot of money and keep your bottom line healthy and odoo erp software helps to do this.

Odoo is better suited for smaller companies

Odoo is commonly thought of as an ERP system for small companies. This is a misconception because odoo can be used for all businesses, from large enterprises to SMEs. Odoo has an ever-growing list of features and modules that make it a complete business management solution, designed to help you take control of your business.

Being a system designed to be intuitive and cloud based there are design features that enable a user friendly nature that delivers a better experience than any of the traditional software vendors which still have a clunky legacy tarnished aspect to their screen designs.

Odoo is complex

Another common misconception people have about Odoo is that it is a complex system, or that it cannot be used by non-programmers. This is entirely false. 

In fact, Odoo was designed to meet the needs of end users at the same time enabling developers to evolve the product, making it perfect for small and medium and large businesses.

Odoo’s competitive advantage is the flexible nature of the system because of its Opensource origins which ensures that the businesses can adapt aspects of their operations to “build their world” in Odoo. The same cannot be said for other vendors as they tend to be prohibitive, expensive and time consuming to adapt certain business specific aspects to the software.

Odoo is too expensive

When deciding on an ERP solution for your business, the price is probably one of the key factors you're looking at. Most companies believe that Odoo is too expensive, though that misconception is because they are not comparing Odoo with other ERP systems. They might just be comparing to a single package that just does Accounting and ignoring the other features that Odoo has.

Odoo has won the pricing war in relation to other ERP vendors and is the most cost effective system in the market today when the Total Cost of Ownership is taken into account.


Do a quick search and see how quickly you can get a clear sense of pricing for users and features for any of the other ERP vendors. If you do find it, prepare to 10x the cost in relation to Odoo taking implementation fees, support, maintenance and licenses into account !! 

Odoo cannot be integrated with my legacy software seamlessly

As an Odoo user, one of the biggest misconceptions you might have is that Odoo cannot integrate with your current softwares seamlessly. Some users even think that Odoo erp is a standalone software and hence no other system can be integrated in it. 

This is untrue because Odoo can be integrated with any other platform, as long as the 3rd party allows the integration

Odoo is one of the very few ERP vendors that have a published and open programming interface which does not require expensive software development licenses to integrate with other solutions.

Odoo has no customer support

Very good customer support is a necessary factor for companies to win the users' trust, especially when the company has a high entry barrier for a customer. When it comes to Odoo, many people have misconceptions about this. 

Odoo provides excellent support from Odoo S.A and the community. The high engagement among experts and users also generates a wealth of knowledge and questions for newbies.

As a Gold Partner certified across the last 5 versions of Odoo erpSOFTapp clients enjoy a level of support that enables our clients to maximise their investment in Odoo ERP and we maintain their systems and work alongside our clients to improve and build new processes for the long term to enable them to reach their objective of operation excellence


Odoo is not a cloud based solution

Because of the pervasiveness of cloud technology in current businesses, a lot of business owners might have a misconception that Odoo is not a cloud-based solution. However, Odoo is indeed a cloud-centric platform and it is extremely flexible as well. 

Odoo offers great flexibility in both cloud deployment (public or private) and it also allows for great choice in hosting providers. Odoo is not just an ERP system. It's a fully-fledged cloud based business management suite aimed at both large and small businesses alike.

Misconceptions about odoo ERP- Final Takeaway 

If you are an entrepreneur, then reasons to be interested in ERP software should be obvious: efficient management of your business operations is of great importance. An ERP system that allows you to manage your business from any location in the world will be a real breakthrough for your business. 

Time to get rid of the misconceptions and get acquainted with Odoo ERP. Request a demo now to find out how it can help you improve efficiency for your business.


What type of ERP is odoo?

Odoo is one of the leading open source ERP software solutions. It is compatible with major operating systems, easy to deploy and ready to use. It is a user friendly and multi-purpose software.

Why should I use Odoo?

Odoo is a suite of business applications that cover all your company processes, from marketing to accounting. Using the same data model, similar tools and processes, your entire organization can be more efficient, flexible, and productive.

Is odoo the best ERP?

Odoo is considered as one of the best ERP’s available nowadays because it is reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

7 Misconceptions About Odoo ERP
Ese Nikori
5 June, 2022
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