5 Solid Ways of Succeeding in Your ERP Project Implementation
1 June, 2021 by
5 Solid Ways of Succeeding in Your ERP Project Implementation
Ese Nikori

Ways of Succeeding in Your ERP Project Implementation

ERP project implementation is one of the most crucial business development processes because it improves overall efficiency and helps businesses maximize their profits. This process becomes even more significant when dealing with vendors and customers. ERP project implementation can be tedious, time-consuming and overall, a worrisome task. That is why we have outlined five rock-solid ways of making sure your ERP project is implemented - and in the right way too.

1.  Choose the correct Enterprise Resource Planning system

Choosing the correct ERP system is important in ERP project implementation. The system or software that ERP’s run on must be easy to understand, operate, and meet your business needs. When implementing ERP for your business, certain factors should be considered such as;

  • Prices of User Licenses

  • Flexibility

  • Ease of Use

  • Modernity (mobile responsiveness and analytics)

  • Cloud

  • Technical Architecture

  • Upgrades

It is really important for your employees to even have an idea of how to work the system. They are also going to use the software, after all. Make sure that there are ample training exercises and input into the project delivery to increase productivity in the new ERP system.

Odoo ERP System offers you all these and much more. We elect Odoo ERP because it features a class-leading lowest Total Cost of Ownership with keen pricing as compared to other ERP systems.

2.  Choose the right implementation partner

There are five key factors to note when choosing your ERP implementation partner.

They include industry standing, team skillset and vendor certification, experience in multiple sectors, references and international experience. You can find more details about our qualifications and experience HERE.

3.  Be clear on your business requirements and process improvements

One needs to have a crystal-clear opinion about your internal processes. Make sure to note down all areas that need improvement. Always document the priorities you have for each department to form the initial work of the book. With this, you are sure to have a higher chance of success. 

You can request assistance deciding what your business requirements are by sending an email to info@erpsoftapp.com or by clicking HERE

4.  Target architecture and budget management

Now, this is a very important aspect. Here you need to answer the question ‘What is my eventual target architecture and decommissioning legacy applications?  

Make sure all operational transactions are recorded accurately on the platform to get accurate real-time reporting of your business. Maintain a very clear budget based on your book of work, since all projects are bound on time and materials. 

You also need to keep in mind that constantly changing your requirements and scope is a recipe for disaster.  Even if at all there are scope amendments, these would have time or cost extensions to either deliver or gather more resources to keep within the implementation window. 

5.  You are LIVE! 

Now the system has been successfully implemented and you should be able to see more improvements and a better rate of analyzing your operations. 

However, the work does not stop here. Continuous improvement and settling in period is key to ensuring that the system is embedded correctly and the expected productivity yield for each department becomes a reality. You should have a clear idea of the different things that must be considered during ERP project implementation and have a good idea of what to expect. When these ways are adopted correctly, it would enable you to succeed in your business operations.

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5 Solid Ways of Succeeding in Your ERP Project Implementation
Ese Nikori
1 June, 2021
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